ray rays hog pit

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit

We serve authentic, purist style smoked meats cooked with hickory and oak hardwoods. We process most of our own wood from our own forests, and we use a specific set of standards to get the most flavor in the smoke to transfer into the meat. We use the freshest meats we can find, and some of them are coming directly from the farms where the animals were raised. Our homemade sauces are mostly served on the side so you can see our bright pink smoke ring, just to ensure that what you are eating is the real thing. We use a dry rub process before the meat is put in the smoker, then we let it go 12-16 hours LOW AND SLOW, and depending on the meat it may get a light second coating of seasonings when it comes out of the cooker.

We serve our Barbecue every weekend (rain or shine) from our food truck next to Ace of Cups Bar. We offer large pre-orders of meat/sides by the pound, or full service catering for any occasion from a backyard BBQ to a black tie affair.

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